Protel Voyager

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Protel Voyager Mobile App

What Voyager app got for you?

Reservation Details And Pre-Check-In Extras

Reservation details
and pre-check-in extras

By tapping the Reservation button, guests can access the details for a selected reservation such as: reservation number, arrival and departure dates, number of nights, number and names of guests, details about the booked room type including descriptions and pictures, and the room number (if already assigned).

Hotel Information

Hotel information

Voyager allows hotel and guests to actively interact, keeping communication ongoing from the get-go. Pre-stay information such as maps, check-in details, or contact information help guests even before they arrive.

All Invoices At A Glance

All invoices at a glance

Checked-in guests can check their invoice details at any time. How much money did I spend at the bar last night? Has the breakfast buffet been charged extra? With protel Voyager, guests can answer these questions by themselves. Detailed information shows which items have been charged to their bill, advance payments, due payments, etc.

Room Service, Specials And More

Room service,
specials and more

After check-in, the app adapts to the changed reservations status. In the main menu, the Shop button appears offering checked-in guests interesting amenities to make their stay even more comfortable. Room service, up-sells and ancillary services can be instantly purchased from various shops, helping the hotel drive revenue and guest loyalty.


Mobile Access is a technology innovation which is increasingly demanded by guests that also provides tremendous value to hotels by helping them implement social distancing guidelines.

How does the hotel benefit from protel Voyager?

How do guests benefit from protel Voyager?