Protel Property
Management System

Cloud-Based Hotel


Protel Air is a cloud native, fully internationalized, enterprise property management system for hotels and accommodation businesses, from small independents through to global hotel groups. It provides the sophistication to manage even the most demanding hotels, locally or on a global scale. Protel Air allows the management of operations in an agile way, so businesses can be responsive to change and minimize the IT disruption normally associated with hotel acquisitions and disposals.

| Features and Functionalities of Cloud PMS


  • Easy interface and booking process 
  • Effortless payment procedure 
  • Information organized logically 
  • Toggle between Checked in, No show, Mobile Check-In and loads of others with a single click 
  • Advanced search feature with voice to text


Billing and Invoicing

  • One-click access to post charges, print invoices and make payments
  • Currency exchange and exchange-rate features
  • Invoice generation and history
  • Quick post function for guests, non-stay guests or passer-by’s
  • Accounts receivable for incoming payments


  • Dashboard with vital information 
  • Drag-and-drop functionality 
  • Colour coded – for ease of reference 
  • Attendant sheets – to quickly draw up work rosters 
  • Lost and found


Reporting and Analytics

  • More than 60 different reports
  • Fully customizable
  • Speciality reporting for MICE
  • Easy to read and analyse


  • Comprehensive maintenance schedule
  • Prioritization tool
  • Actual vs estimated cost analysis
  • Ticketing system
  • Job time tracker


  • Revenue analytics
  • Customer relationship analytics
  • Business information integrations
  • Channel management systems
  • PBX with analytics features
  • Point of sale systems
  • and over 1,000 other useful integrations

ID and Passport Scanner

  • Effortlessly scans multiple passports and ID’s
  • Contactless technology for improved hygiene
  • Eliminates transcribing errors
  • Improved safety: The identity document never leaves the guest’s hands
  • Eliminates the need for copies and storage

Digital Registration Cards

  • Fast and efficient check-ins
  • Reduces contact between staff and guests. No handing over of pens, paper and documents
  • Safely and securely stores all necessary documents electronically
  • Enables your hotel to be economically and environmentally responsible